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Nov 4, 2007

Why did KNEA/NEA  channel $130,000 to the Kansas Alliance for Education PAC in 2006?

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Summary:  In the 2005-2006 election cycle, a new group, Kansas Alliance for Education (KAE), formed to oppose all conservative candidates for the Kansas Board of Education, and had a dramatic impact on those races.  (See a brief chronological history of KAE, and political info about the KAE Board below.)  While KAE's initial focus was the Kansas Board of Education, KAE formed a coalition with a number of left-leaning groups to promote political change in Kansas.  These affiliated groups included:

KAE raised a lot of political money.  The summary by reporting period below shows KAE raised $194,476 for only five State Board of Ed contests held in 2006.  Almost two-thirds of KAE's money, $130,000, came from KNEA/NEA sources, with nearly one-third of the contributions from about 285 individuals.  These KAE individual contributors wear a "moderate" public mask but are left-leaning, if not far-left, in their political support. The far left-leaning MAINstream Coalition PAC provided $9,000 in in-kind support to help with mailings, and gave KAE $1000 cash.  Kansans for Lifesaving Cures was the only other PAC contributing money to KAE and they gave $2000.

The $5500 KAE gave to SBOE candidates was all the official Kansas Governmental Ethics report showed about KAE's expenditures, but KAE spent a total of over $182,000 to knock out conservative State Board of Ed candidates.  KAE spent nearly $83,000 in printing and postage (and received another $9000 for printing and postage from MAINstream Coalition).  KAE spent nearly $35,000 on radio ads in seven different radio markets around the state, with another $9000 spent with a Denver firm for ad production.  KAE spent about $27,500 to pay the salary of staff member Craig Grant to help with their campaign.  [Grant is a former KNEA chief lobbyist and political director, and "independent contractor" for the Kansas Democratic Party earlier this year.]  Finally, KAE spent about $7500 on get-out-the-vote phone calls.  KAE and their left-leaning friends played a full-court press on the voters on Kansas.  

The focal point of KAE and the left's political wrath last year was Connie Morris in the 5th State Board of Ed District in Western Kansas.  With KAE's help, Morris was edged by Sally Cauble in the August primary, who went on to win the November General election.  Oddly, KAE endorsed both Democratic and Republican candidates in District 5.  They wanted anyone but conservative Connie Morris.

The endorsement page from Sally Cauble's web page, with comments about those making the endorsements, tells much of the story of what happened last year in State Board of Ed races:


The focal point of the left's political wrath was Connie Morris in the State Board of Ed 5th District.
Shown below is the list of liberal groups supporting Sally Cauble from her endorsement page.

Comments about groups endorsing Cauble (in the same order as above):
  • KAE was the leading political money force in the State Board of Ed contests.  KAE raised $194,476 and spent $182,104 only on the five State Board of Ed contests held in 2006.  While KAE had a number of individual contributors, most of their money  --  $130,000 or 66.8% -- was from NEA/KNEA.
  • KNEA PAC funded candidates directly, funded PACs like KAE and KTRM, and a funded mysterious non-profit, Progress Kansas, used to knock out conservative State Reps.  KNEA was the #1 PAC in Kansas last year according to the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission's "Top 20" list. [But this list is flawed since it myopically only counts contributions to candidates and ignores all other money raised of spent by a PAC.]
  • The NEA Fund, Washington, DC, in addition to sending $37,000 to KAE, funded a number of liberal groups around the country.  The NEA Fund sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Democratic Governor's Association, which funneled money to Kansas via Kathleen's Sebelius' Blue Stem Fund, and the Kansas Democratic Party.
  • KFUPE PAC did not have much political money and raised only about $8800 over the 2005-2006 election cycle.  KFUPE serves a cheerleading function for education, opposes accountability related to education by our government schools, and gets a lot of free press from its far-left leaders. 

    In addition to their PAC, KFUPE has 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 non-profit organizations:

    • KS Families United for Public Education 501(c)4, NTEE code S20, "Community, Neighborhood Development, Improvement", 2005 IRS 990:  $16,536 gross receipts
    • Kansas Families United for Public Education 501(c)3 (tax deductible contributions), NTEE code B80, "Student Services and Organizations.  IRS 990s are not available. 


  • KTRM PAC formed at about the same time as KAE and according to a press report the "two organizations had been in communication" since their beginning in late 2005.  Besides sharing endorsements, such as Cauble, KAE and KTRM shared KNEA as a major contributor.  KAE and KTRM PAC shared at least 17 individual contributors. 

    The KTRM PAC also has a 501(c)4 non-profit political organization:

    • KTRM 501(c)4, IRS 8871 report, purpose "to influence the election of candidates for federal, state and local offices";
      IRS 8872 reports (2005 and first quarter 2006):  $60,683 contributions, $52,409 in expenditures, including $41,133 for payroll.  IRS 8872 reports since March 2006 have not been filed.  
  • MAIN*PAC, donated $9000 in printing and mailing expense to KAE and gave KAE a $1000 contribution late last year. KAE and Mainstream shared at least 28 individual contributors. MAINstream Coalition organized several "Take Back Kansas" rallies across Kansas last year to promote KAE and other liberal issues. MAIN*PAC spent $5000 on post cards for these "Tack Back Kansas" rallies. In the 2005-2006 election cycle, MAIN*PAC raised about $37,350, with about half from 2005 and half from 2006 contributions.  The largest expenditures, $13,773, were for the Nov 2006 general election. MAIN*PAC used the same Silver Spring, MD telemarketing firm, Precision Communications, as ProKanDo used in the last election cycle.

    In addition to their PAC, MAINstream has 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 non-profit organizations:

    • MAINstream Coalition, 501(c)4, NTEE code W24 "Citizen Participation", purpose "to educate and motivate", 2006 IRS 990:  $124,852 gross receipts, $117,503 total expenses, including $53,903 for salaries and wages, $5425 payroll taxes,  $15,090 for "occupancy", $6038 PAC expenses, $4869 newsletter "Messenger".
    • MAINstream Education Foundation, 501(c)3 (tax deductible contributions), NTEE code R40 "Voter Education/Registration", purpose "to educate and motivate", 2006 IRS 990:  $72,656 gross receipts, $62,225 total expenses, including $50,000 for "fees for services", $4106 website, $1271 MAINstream Voices of Faith (MVOF)


  • E-PAC, Educating All Children in Kansas PAC, a 527 PAC, is a group affiliated with the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) and the United School Administrators of Kansas (USA).  E-PAC only raised $5855 in the 2005-2006 election cycle and spent about $6500.  Most of the expenditures, $5574, were for the Aug 2006 primary including $2500 in contributions to candidates, and $2,000 to ccAdvertising in Herndon, VA where KAE had already spent nearly $12,000.  

According to an IRS 8871 filed in 2002, Mark Tallman was E-PAC Chairperson then, Mary C. Hendrickson was Treasurer and Board members included Brilla Highfill Scott, Sharon Zoellner, Cynthia Neighbor, Jim Menze, Kay White, Pat Terry, Richard Short.  

The far-left complained about the "ultra right" conservative State Board members, and religious beliefs the far right was imposing on government schools in Kansas through the Board of Education. But, MAINstream Coalition, a group pushing for separation of religion and government, and who sent church monitors into churches to make sure conservative ministers were not abusing their 501(c)3 tax exempt status, held their first "Take Back Kansas" meeting in a church in Lawrence to push a KAE, and a left-leaning agenda on Kansas, as mentioned on a Lawrence blog.  Why didn't anyone in the press report on the irony of that meeting being held in a church?

KAE opposed the "religious agenda" of the "ultra right" conservative State Board members, but KAE on their web site mentioned the religious affiliation of several members of their board?  Why?  If the religious affiliation of the current State Board of Ed members offended KAE, why should KAE impose on Kansas the beliefs of their members based on their religious affiliation?   If the KAE is trying to make secular arguments about education, why do they list the religious affiliations of some of the members of their board?  How is replacing "far right" conservative board members any better for Kansas than a "far left" liberal board KAE is supporting?

MAINstream Coalition and KAE are already having public meetings in in late 2007 setting the stage for the 2008 political campaign.  With their successes from 2006, KAE is likely to use many of the same tactics in 2008, including using a huge amount of NEA/KNEA money in political contests.  While KAE currently says their focus is on State Board of Education races, what's to keep them from expanding their goals and political influence to all Kansas elections, including State Representative and State Senate races in 2008?


Outline of Details

1.  Brief Chronological History of Kansas Alliance for Education

2.  Political Profile of Non-Partisan Kansas Alliance for Education Executive Committee and Board

3.  Summary of KAE PAC Money Raised, Spent, and Balance

4.  Summary of Expenditures by Kansas Alliance for Education

5.  Notable Contributors to Kansas Alliance for Education: PACs and Individuals

6.  Church affiliations of KAE Board Members


1. Brief Chronological History of Kansas Alliance for Education

According to their web site, "The Kansas Alliance for Education (KAE) is a nonpartisan grassroots organization formed in 2005 for the purpose of promoting the election of candidates to the Kansas State Board of Education who support quality education for all Kansas children."  

Aug 28, 2005.  Lawrence Journal-World, "Group seeks to stem tide of 'extreme' conservatism"

— The political winds of moderation are starting to pick up force through conservative Kansas.

At least that’s what a new bipartisan group of Kansans are hoping for as they organize themselves to launch an effort to unseat conservative State Board of Education members in the 2006 election.

“We think there is a portion of the State Board of Education whose philosophy is not in tune with mainstream Kansans,” said Don Hineman, a rancher and farmer from Dighton.

Oct 26, 2005Statement of Organization filed with Governmental Ethics Commission

Primary interest of contributors:   "Kansas State Board of Education elections"

Nov 3, 2005.  Topeka Capital-Journal.

Irritated by a string of decisions by the Kansas State Board of Education, a group of Kansans is preparing to kick off a campaign to throw the board's six conservative members out of office. ...

The overall obligation of the state board of education is to ensure students in Kansas receive a first-rate, quality education," said Don Hineman, a Dighton rancher and chairman of the newly formed Kansas Alliance for Education.  ..

The alliance, which Hineman said is made up so far of 10 or 12 people from across the state, will kick off a fundraising campaign within the next week.

Its sole purpose is to defeat the conservative members of the 10-member board. It described the majority members as "more concerned with promoting their own agenda than they are with preparing the children of Kansas to deal with the challenges of the 21st century."

Dec 9, 2005.  Topeka Capital-Journal, "Conservatives shrug it off"

Ryan Wright, executive director of the newly formed Kansas Traditional Republican Majority, said Thursday that the moderate group would campaign actively against the state school board's majority.  ...

Wright said the group was "actively trying to dismantle the school system" by focusing more on social issues than good public policy.

He got applause from Don Hineman, of Dighton, who leads another group aimed at bringing down the conservative majority on the school board.  ...

He said the two organizations had been in communication.  ..

The Kansas Traditional Republican Majority announced its formation Wednesday.

Jan 24, 2006.  Hays Daily News, "Moderate groups to launch '06 election effort"

The MAINstream Coalition has scheduled a public forum, entitled "Take Back Kansas: How We Can Move Kansas Back to the Middle, and Why It Matters," Thursday night in Lawrence.

The event at a local church will feature a panel discussion by non-partisan groups, including the newly formed Kansas Alliance for Education, organized by western Kansas rancher Don Hineman and backed by several current and former public officials.  ...

"We don't think the current board is representing mainstream Kansas," Woodbury said, "but a narrow agenda dominated by a religious and private education culture that is not focused on educating all children well."

Other groups involved in Thursday's forum include Kansas Families United for Public Education, Kansas Action for Children and Kansans for Lifesaving Cures.

Jan 27, 2006.  In This Moment blog.  "The birth of a movement to take back Kansas."

An old Statehouse colleague of mine, Dave Ranney, reported on the event for the Lawrence Journal-World ["350 turn out to 'Take Back Kansas'"]. While I think Dave is hands down one of the best journalists (if not THE best) in the state, I think he got it wrong. Dave wrote that the "forum was aimed at rallying support for moderate candidates running for the State Board of Education."

While that was part of the purpose of the evening, that wasn't all of it. We were there because we were and are concerned about the State Board. But the agenda also dealt with stem cell research, children's programs and the far right's wish to take money away from our neighbors who need help and to do that via the so-called Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR). Some of us, like myself and the other people from the Kansas Equality Coalition, were there to seek legal fairness for all our neighbors.

Feb 2, 2006.  Johnson County Sun, "A launching pad"

Is the outlandish six-member ultraconservative majority on the State Board of Education sitting atop a political powder keg -- one that could blow it into oblivion in the Republican primary in August? Yes, in August, not November.

Who is going to attach the fuse and light it, if, in fact, any one does? That might have occurred last week in Lawrence, with Sue Gamble, Shawnee, providing the spark. Gamble is a moderate Republican member of the state board who has battled the right-wing board majority ... She scorched her conservative board adversaries in a speech sponsored by the Johnson County-based Mainstream Coalition at the Plymouth Congregational Church on Vermont Street.

Liberal Groups Meet to "Take Back Kansas"
[MAINstream, a group pushing for separation of church and state, has a political meeting in a Church?]

From The Messenger, March-April 2006 or 
Thoughts from Kansas blog entry, Jan 27, 2006

March 2006.  The MAINstream Coalition's The Messenger, March-April 2006, Issue 100

Letter from Executive Director, Boo Tyson:  The MAINstream Coalition is also one of a number of organizations who have created a unified strategy group to address the problems created by having a conservative majority on the Kansas School Board. Plans are being made and money is being raised to help with this effort that will be led by a newly formed group called the Kansas Alliance for Education. You will hear more about KAE and this strategy group in the days and months ahead. As a MAINstream Coalition member, you really are right in the middle of things!

March 6, 2006.  Kansas State Collegian, "Forum draws state politicians"

More than 100 community members and politicians gathered at Rusty¹s Last Chance ...  for the Take Back Kansas Forum. ...

This event was sponsored by Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays and the Kansas Equality Coalition.

"We had a rally a year ago during the marriage amendment," said Tammi Hawk, chair of PFLAG-Flint Hills branch. 

[editors's note:  Featured speakers included: Sue Gamble, moderate member of the Kansas State Board of Education, who gave the opening talk: Take Back Kansas: How We Can Move Kansas Back to the Middle, and Why It Matters;" Dick Morrissey of the Kansas Alliance for Education; Cathy Cook, Kansas Families United for Public Education; Boo Tyson, Mainstream Coalition; John Exdell, Manhattan Alliance for Peace and Justice; and Christopher E. Renner, KECFH.  Invited Guests included: Sen. Roger Reitz, Rep. Sydney Carlin, Rep. Tom Hawk, and Rep. Barbara Craft.]

April 19, 2006.  Hutchinson News, "Group endorses District 4 hopefuls"

Don Hineman, chairman of the Kansas Alliance for Education, said at a gathering of the organization Tuesday that the group backs Tim Cruz, a Garden City Democrat, and Sally Cauble, a Liberal Republican  ...

As a political action committee, the alliance can't get directly involved in the campaigns of the candidates it backs. Rather, Hineman said the group would be waging "parallel" campaigns urging support for its picks.

May 15, 2006.  Hutchinson News, "Take Back Kansas brings effort to Hutchinson with Thursday rally"

Other groups involved in Take Back Kansas are the MAINstream Coalition and Kansas Families United for Public Education.

"We're sort of working on strategies together," said Boo Tyson, executive director of MAINstream Coalition, an advocacy group for the separation of church and state.

"We have said that the most important thing is to bring us back to the middle," said Craig Grant, a former lobbyist for the Kansas National Education Association who now is active in the Kansas Alliance for Education. ...

In January, a Take Back Kansas rally drew at least 350 people in Lawrence. About 105 people showed up for a Manhattan rally, slightly more than 50 people came out in Hays, and about 50 people attended the Dodge City event, according to organizers.

May 17, 2006.  Hutchinson News, "'Take Back Kansas' rallies counter stealth campaigns"

Voters in south-central Kansas can see this play out for themselves this week when the Kansas Alliance for Education, MAINstream Coalition and Kansas Families United for Public Education roll into Hutchinson with their "Take Back Kansas" pitch.  ...

MAINstream Coalition and Kansas Families United for Public Education joined with the alliance to raise the profile of state board elections and engage more voters in the process.

June 1, 2006.  Red State Rabble Blog

"Dick Morrisey of the Kansas Alliance for Education said his group plans to raise $250 thousand dollars to support moderate candidates in the upcoming school board election." 

July 24, 2006Hays Daily News

The Kansas Republican Assembly, a conservative group, has four political action committees that raised almost $46,000 in 2005, according to campaign finance records.

Three groups opposing conservatives - the Kansas Alliance for Education, MAIN PAC (for mainstream) and the Kansas Traditional Republican Majority - raised about $95,000, including $25,000 from the Kansas-National Education Association, the state's largest teachers' union. It also could contribute directly to candidates.

Aug. 21, 2006.  Kansas City Star, "Voters must keep Kansas on the right track"

The statewide Kansas Alliance for Education, the Kansas Citizens for Science, and their counterparts in Kansas Families United for Public Education and the Mainstream Coalition in Johnson County worked hard, raised a little money and got their message out.

Oct 25, 2007.  JoCo Sun.  "Old issues in new election"

The Mainstream Coalition and other groups will sponsor panel discussions to alert the public to the 2008 election and the important role of the Board of Education.

Groups joining the coalition in the effort include the Kansas Alliance for Education, Kansas Families for Public Education and the Kansas Citizens for Science.

[editor's note: meetings were held on Oct 25, in KCK and Nov. 1 in Lawrence.  MAINstream was the sponsor with co-sponsors, Kansas Families for Education, True Blue Women, and Kansas Alliance for Education]


2.  Political Profile of Non-Partisan Kansas Alliance for Education 
Executive Committee and Board

Executive Committee
Don Hineman, Dighton Republican; Farmer and rancher; past president of Kansas Livestock Association;  
Rosemary Clary, Johnson Republican; Former regional vice president of Kansas Association of School Boards
  • KAE Treasurer
Don Anderson, Lindsborg Democrat; 
  • Former President of Kansas NEA
  • $250 to Carlos Nolla for Congress (2000)
Betsy Hineman, Dighton Republican; Parents as Teachers Consultant for Kansas Department of Education;
  • wife of KAE president, Don Hineman; 
  • KC Star Commentary by Laura Scott (6/19/2006):  "Betsy Hineman says many in the alliance consider themselves conservative, including her. But the six religious conservatives who dominate the 10-member state board are 'radicals,' she says."  Laura Scott plugged KAE and gave them free publicity in her commentary:  "To find out more about the Kansas Alliance for Education, to read candidate questionnaires, and to sign up to volunteer or give money, go to www"
Ward Loyd, Garden City Republican.  Former State Rep 123
  • Shallenburger "criticized state Rep. Ward Loyd, a Republican from Garden City who often works with Democrats, and was quoted as saying he stayed in the Republican Party to get re-elected.  'That’s not very honest,' Shallenburger said."  LJWorld, Oct 31, 2005
  • Loyd contributed to Steve Cloud's "Kansas Citizens for Excellence in Education" in 2002
  • Recently applied for consideration for appointment to the Kansas Court of Appeals, but lost to Democrat Steve Leben.
Dick Morrissey, Lawrence Democrat.  Worked in public health; KAE contributor. 
  • Contributor to Sebelius in 2002, 2004 and 2006.
  • Represented KAE at the True Blue Women forum at the Asbury Methodist Church on April 10, 2006 in an "education event" with Janis McMillen (League of Women Voters), Kathy Cook (KFUPE), and Lisa Elliott (KNEA).
  • Represented KAE at Shawnee Civic Center on June 1, 2006 along with Gary Brunk (Kansas Action for Children), and Kathy Cook (KFUPE), Boo Tyson (MAINstream Coalition).  
Terry Woodbury, Leoti & KC, KS Unaffiliated voter; Founder and President of Kansas Communities, LLC. Former President/CEO of WyCO United Way

Advisory Board

Frank Alexander, Hutchinson Republican.  Founding member, Reno County 2000, a Community Partnership for Educational Excellence
Dick Bond, Overland Park Republican.  Former Kansas Senate President; 
  • Former member of Kansas Board of Regents
  • $1000 contributor to Democrat Paul Morrison
  • KTRM contributor and KTRM organizer to "disempower far right".  
  • Contributed to Steve Cloud's "Johnson County Republicans for Education" in 2004
  • Active with Steve Cloud with Johnson County "GOP Club"
  • KS for Lifesaving Cures Coalition Member (2006);
  • Inaugural member of "The Advancement Board" (Dec 2005), which was organized under the auspices of Kansas University Endowment Association, the fund raising organization of the University of Kansas and the contractual partner in philanthropy with The University of Kansas Hospital.
Jim Braden, Clay Center Republican; Former State Rep, House Speaker; KAE contributor
  • Member of Sebelius' Budget Efficiency Savings Team (Wichita Eagle, Nov 24, 2002)
Vern Chesbro, Ottawa Republican; Former KS GOP Chair; Trustee and Chairman of KPERS, 1984-2004;
  • KTRM and KAE contributor
  • KS for Lifesaving Cures Coalition Member (2006)
Rochelle Chronister, Neodesha Republican; Former State Rep; past Secretary of Kansas Social and Rehabilitation Services
  • Hosted fund raiser for Cara Stovall for Governor with Tim Emert in 2002 (before Stovall dropped out of race)
  • Sebelius appointed to Education Policy Team (2003)
  • KS for Lifesaving Cures Coalition Member (2006)
Tim Cruz, Garden City Democrat; Former Mayor of Garden City; Trinity Lutheran Board Directors;
Joyce Cussimanio, Girad "Unaffiliated" voter; 
  • former Executive Director of the Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund
Ray Daniels, Kansas City Democrat; Superintendent Emeritus of Kansas City, KS School District;
  • 2003 superintendent salary was $130,772
Tom Docking, Wichita Democrat; Former Lieutenant Governor; 
  • Wife, Jill, recently appointed by Sebelius to Kansas Board of Regents.  Jill Docking worked with Dick Bond (see above) on a project for the Kansas Children's Campaign in 2003
  • Docking, and wife, Jill, are huge contributors to Kansas Democratic candidates (e.g., $3350 to Sebelius) and the Kansas Democratic Party.  
  • Docking and wife gave $1500 to ProKanDo PAC in 2005-2006 and was underwriter for ProKanDo fundraiser in June 2004.
Barry L. Flinchbaugh, Ph.D., Manhattan Republican; KAE PAC contributor
  • former K-State economist
  • presently serves on the Board of Directors of Kansas City Board of Trade
Linda Frick, Scott City Republican; President of Scott City School Board; KAE PAC contributor
Charles Frickey,  Oberlin Republican; Lutheran church leader in Oberlin and Northwest Kansas; KAE PAC contributor
Craig Grant, Lawrence Democrat;
  • Sebelius Contributor (2006)
  • Paid KAE staff in 2006 ($2500/monthly)
  • "Independent Contractor" for Kansas Democratic Party (Jan 2007)
  • Former chief lobbyist and political director for Kansas National Education Association
  • Sebelius appointed to Education Policy Team (2003)
  • former Minority Leaders Anthon Hensley's Director of Communications
Dr. R.V. Haderlein, Girard Republican; 
Dr. Robert Harder, Topeka Democrat; volunteer lobbyist for the United Methodist Church, KS; ordained minister, United Methodist Church;  
  • Contributor to Sebelius (2002)
Clark Harris, Tribune "Unaffiliated" Voter; Greeley County Board of Education
Sue Ice, Newton Republican; Former Member of Newton School Board; Newton Presbyterian Church Elder;
Dan Johnson, Hays Republican; State Rep District 110; 
  • Voted for casino, slots bill (March 2007)
Janis Lee, Kensington Democrat; State Senator District 36; 
  • Sebelius contributor (2002)
  • Sebelius appointed to Kansas Guardianship Program (2007)
  • Voted for gambling in Kansas (March 2007)
  • Voted NO on Alexa's Law (March 2007)
  • Appointed by Senate Minority Leader to Kansas Energy Council (2007)
Mildred McMillen, Tonganoxie Democrat; former member of Kansas State Board of Education
Bob Meneilly, Prairie Village Democrat (former Republican for Moore but switch parties in late 2006); Founding Pastor of the Village Presbyterian Church in Prairie Village; 
  • One of the founders of The Mainstream Coalition and The Interfaith Alliance in Washington
  • Planned Parenthood KS/Mid-Missouri Board of Directors (1999-2000); Current member of Planned Parenthood Advisory Board; 
  • Contributed to ProKanDo PAC in 2005 ($25) and 2006 ($375); Part of Host Committee for ProKanDo fundraiser in Oct 2006; 
  • Opposed Kansas Marriage Amendment (2005)
  • Wife, Shirley, was Sebelius contributor in 2006
John Nalbandian, Lawrence Democrat; Former Mayor of Lawrence; 
  • Sebelius contributor (1994, 2001, 2002)
Ligia Paquette, Junction City Republican; 40 years public school experience in Kansas and Puerto Rico
Ethel Peterson, Dodge City Democrat; Former State Rep District 119;
  • Contributor to Planned Parenthood MoKan PAC (2002)
Pat Ranson, Wichita Former State Senator; Republican; 
  • Pittsburg Sun, Jan 22, 1999:  Sen. Pat Ranson, long a leader in the legislative fight to preserve women's right to abortion, exhorted members of the Kansas Choice Alliance to intensify their efforts to combat continuing pressure to toughen Kansas' law restricting abortion.
  • Wichita Eagle, Aug 5, 2004:  "Pat Ranson of Wichita, a moderate Republican and vice chairwoman of the party in the state, criticized the "hundreds of thousands of dollars" the groups spent on legislative races."  Ranson made this statement with a straight face when her husband, Jack, was involved with Kansans for a Moderate Government, which somewhat secretly spent money to knock out certain State Senators with funding from Tiller's ProKanDo PAC.
  • Husband, Jack, a KTRM contributor ($1200 in 2006, $1000 in 2005))
  • Husband, Jack, a ProKanDo contributor
  • Husband, Jack, was Treasurer for Steve Cloud's Responsible Republicans for Kansas PAC
Louis Ruiz, Kansas City Democrat; State Rep District 32
I.B. “Sonny” Rundell, Syracuse Republican; former member of Kansas State Board of Education.
  • KAE contributor (2005 and 2006)
  • Contributed to Steve Cloud's "Kansas Citizens for Excellence in Education" in 2002
  • Defeated by Connie Morris in 2002 Republican primary
  • Received $500 contribution from MAINstream Coalition (10/2002)
Roonie Sellers Kansas Action for Children Board Member; First Presbyterian Church Elder
  • Contributor to Democrat Jill Docking in 1996
  • In 2006, husband, Merl, contributed $2000 to Sebelius and $1000 to Morrison.  In 2002, Merl gave Sebelius $500.
Philip Shull, Wichita Pastor, University United Methodist Church
  • KAE contributor in 2005
Mark Smith, Wallace Board of Northwest Kansas Technical School;



3.  Summary of KAE PAC Money Raised, Spent, and Balance

$ Raised $In-Kind $ Spent $ In the Bank
2006-01 $16,749 $19 $759 $15,989
2006-07 $98,391 $32 $86,361 $28,019
2006-10 $78,286 $7,048 $83,908 $22,398
2007-01 $1,050 $2,044 $11,076 $12,371
TOTAL $194,476 $9,143 $182,104  



4.  Summary of Expenditures by Kansas Alliance for Education

$82,714 Record Publications (KCK) / Record News (Basehor), printing and postage
$34,983 Radio ads in Chanute, Colby, Dodge City, Emporia, Goodland, Nevada (MO),  Pittsburg, Wichita
$28,082 Craig Grant salary ($27,500) and travel ($582);  See info about Grant above.
$11,943 CCAdvertising, Herndon, VA, surveys
$9,000 SKEWmedia, Denver, CO, ad production
$7,545 Get-out-the-vote calling:
$7089, Next Big Thing, Leesburg, VA 
$456 Djarling Communications, Denver, CO
$5,500 Contributions to SBOE candidates:  Cauble, Cruz, McDonald, Runyan, Shaver, Viola, Waugh, Weiss, Wempe        [Key: Won, Lost]
$783 SpiderWebDesign, Weskan, KS, web site design and update
$480 KS Governmental Ethics Commission, registration fees
$452 PayPal Transaction Fees
$181,482 Partial Expenditure TOTAL


 The $182,104 spent by KAE is almost $69,000 more than what was spent by the #2 PAC in Kansas in 2006.  This shows  the Top 20 PAC Contributor List does not accurately reflect political involvement in Kansas.  The problem in official Kansas reports is even more clear in the "Aggregate Total for Calendar Year 2006," which only shows the $5,500 contribution to candidates and ignores nearly $176,000 in other spending.

Expenditure Report from Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission


5.  Notable Contributors to Kansas Alliance for Education: PACs and Individuals

Date Amount Contributor Comments
NEA (DC) / KNEA (Topeka)
3/1/2006 $25,000 KNEA-PAC
715 SW 10th Ave
Topeka  66612
Kansas National Education Association PAC
is #1 Kansas PAC in 2006 and
participated in funneling money to 
Kansas Democrats in 2006
6/5/2006 $10,000
7/1/2006 $25,000
9/21/2006 $25,000
10/23/2006 $7,500
8/18/2006 $15,000 The NEA Fund
1201 16th St NW, Suite 421
Washington, DC  22036
National Education Association PAC
9/25/2006 $22,000
6/30/2006 $500 United Teachers of
95.2% of funds from KNEA in 2005-2006 election cycle:
Received $6564 from KNEA and $358 unitemized
TOTAL $130,000  



7/31/2006 $5,000 The MAINstream PAC
in-kind contribution:  postage at The Record
9/29/2006 $2,000 The MAINstream PAC in-kind contribution:  postage at The Record
10/31/2006 $2,000 The MAINstream PAC in-kind contribution:  printing and mailing at The Record
11/6/2006 $1,000 The MAINstream PAC monetary contribution
10/23/2006 $2,000 Kansans for Lifesaving Cures  


Selected Individuals
[Individuals below gave to KAE and other liberal group(s);
Also, see list of supporters on KAE's web site.]

$450 Phil Acuff, Prairie Village Kansas Traditional Republica Majority (KTRM) contributor
$250 Suzanne Allen, Mission Hills Contributor to MAIN*PAC, Morrison, Kansas Families United for Public Education (KFUPE), KTRM;
former Planned Parenthood Board of Directors
$500 Mary Jo Allen, Lenexa MAINstream contributor
$200 Gary  Anderson, Prairie Village Contributor to Sebelius, Morrison, KTRM
$100 Eliot Berkley, Fairway Contributor to MAIN*PAC, Dennis Moore;
Planned Parenthood Advisory Board
$800 Irene Bettinger, Mission Hills Contributor to MAIN*PAC, Dennis Moore, ProKanDo;
Republican for Moore (2000, 2002, 2004)
$500 Michael Blumenfeld, Lawrence Contributor to Sebelius
$350 James Braden, Clay Center Contributor to KTRM; former KS Speaker of House
$100 Margot Ann Breckbill Contributor to Sebelius, DollarsForDemocrats, ProKanDo;
Kansas Action for Children Board of Directors
$100 Doris Brown, KCK Contributor to MAIN*PAC, ProKanDo
$240 Kay Callison, Prairie Village Contributor to Mainstream, 
Emanual Cleaver (Democratic Missouri Congressman)
$500 Kay Carmody, Lawrence  Contributor to Kansans for Fairness
$150 Vern Chesbro, Ottawa KTRM contributor; former KS Republican Party chair
$250 Charles Clark, Prairie Village KTRM contributor 
$100 Marilyn Cohen, Mission Hills KFUPE contributor
$50 Clyda Cott, Johnson Sebelius contributor
$100 Liz Craig, Roeland Park Contributor to MAIN*PAC, MAINstream Board (2003-2005);
Gene Rardin for State Rep contributor;
Republican for Moore; President of Kansas Citizens for Science
$150 William Cutler, Topeka Contributor to ProKanDo
$50 Raymond Davis, Lawrence Contributor to Sebelius, Boyda; Appointed by Sebelius to
Kansas Health Policy Board
$450 Janice DeBauge, Emporia Big Sebelius contributor; Contributor to Biggs and Morrison; 
former member of Board of Regents
$50 Valorie Defever, Independence KTRM and MAIN*PAC contributor; SBOE candidate (2004)
$450 Christine Downey-Schmidt, Inman Contributor to Sebelius, Carlos Nolla; former Board of Regents;  Sebelius appointed to Kansas Arts Commission
$100 Bruce Durkee, Overland Park Contributor to Sebelius, NARAL
$300 Kathleen Dzewaltowski, Manhattan Treasurer, "Citzens for a Better Manhattan" (2005)
$105 Hlida Enoch, Lawrence Contributor to Sebelius
$400 Sharon Forker, Leawood Contributor to Sebelius, Mainstream;
Republican for Moore (2002, 2004)
$100 Sheila Frahm. Colby Former Lt. Gov. under Bill Graves; 
appointed to fill Bob Dole's U.S. Senate seat
$100 Bill Franklin, Prairie Village KTRM contributor; former MAINstream Board member;
member of Steve Cloud's GOP Club Advisory Board;
$100 Kim Hanson, Leawood Member of True Blue Women
$500 Helen Healy, Eastborough ProKanDo contributor
$60 Jerry Hoggatt, Wichita ProKanDo contributor
$150 Paul Holt, Towanda Contributed to Educating All Children in Kansas PAC (E-PAC)
$250 Ann Isenberg, Mission Hills MAIN*PAC, KFUPE, ProKanDo, DNC contributor;
Republican for Moore (2002, 2004)
$100 Norman Jeter, Hays Contributor to Kansas Democratic Party
$250 Anita Jones, Wichita Contributor to ProKanDo, Steve Cloud/Jack Ranson's Responsible Republicans for Kansas
$100 Ann Kenney, Leawood Contributor to MAIN*PAC, Sebelius, ProKanDo; Contributed $1000 to Think Big in favor of bistate tax; Contributed to Clinton's Legal Defense Fund; Republican for Moore (2000, 2002, 2004)
$100 Ruth Kline, Leawood Contributor to MAIN*PAC, ProKanDo; MAINstream Coalition Advisory Board; Republican for Moore (2000, 2004); wife for former State Rep Phil (single "L") Kline
$150 John Koepke, Topeka Contributed to Educating All Children in Kansas PAC (E-PAC)
$200 Judith Lair, Piqua Contributed to Educating All Children in Kansas PAC (E-PAC)
$200 Leslie Lampe, Shawnee Contributed to MAIN*PAC
$100 Ellen Laner, Mission Hills Former treasurer for Democratic Congressman Moore;
Republican for Moore (2000, 2002); Contributor to Sebelius, Morrison and KTRM; Contributor to YesYesYes (2000) campaign in JoCo to hide party affiliation in county races; MAINstream President (2003), MAINstream Executive Committee (2006); League of Women Voters
$100 Sondra Langel, Wichita ProKanDo contributor
$100 Audrey Langworthy, Wichita Contributor to ProKanDo and host for ProKanDo fundraiser in 2006; former Republican State Senator but contributor to Sebelius, and Bodya; Contributor to KTRM and gave $1000 to Think Big to push for bistate tax; Contributor to Steve Cloud's JoCo Republicans for Education (2004); Steve Cloud's GOP Club Advisory Board; Appointed by Sebelius to Kansas Development Finance Authority; Appointed to Sebelius' Education Policy Team (2003); Wrote letter to Topeka Capital Journal, Kansas City Star with Tim Emert in Support of Sebelius over Shallenburger (2002)
$100 Ellen LeCompte, Lawrence Contributor to Sebelius, Moore, Kansans for Fairness
$100 Bruce Lerner, Prairie Village Contributor to MAINstream; Contributor to Chris Biggs for AG (2002); Republican for Moore (2000, 2002, 2004)
$100 Christy Levings, Osawatomie President, KNEA (2006)
$250 David Lillard, Prairie Village MAINstream Coalition Executive Board (2007)
$5000 Neal Lintecum, Lawrence Largest individual contributor.
$100 Eleanor Lowe, Mission Hills Contributor to MAIN*PAC and MAINstream; Republican for Moore (2000, 2002, 2004); League of Women Voters; former Mainstream President; MAIN*PAC Director (2006)
$150 Barbro Lucas, Fairway ProKanDo Contributor and host for ProKanDo fundraiser in 2006
$60 Linda Luckey, Lawrence former Lawrence Equality Coalition Board Member; Contributed to Kansans for Fairness
$250 Nancy Lusk, Andover ProKanDo Contributor
$100 Elaine Mann, Overland Park Contributor to Democrat Dennis Moore for Congress; Contributor to ProKanDo PAC; Contributor to JoCO "YesYesYes" group to hide political affiliations on county offices; JoCo League of Women Voters president (2003)
$100 Royceann Mather, Overland Park Jim Yonally treasurer (2002-2005); Contributor to Rardin for State Rep, KFUPE, Mainstream, Dennis Moore for Congress; JoCo League of Women Voters president (2007)
$200 Sheryl Mathis, Topeka KNEA Exec Director
$100 Nancy McBride, Prairie Village Board of Directors, Planned Parenthood KS/Mid-Missouri (2000)
$100 Charlotte McDonald, Olathe KTRM contributor; 
$100 Harry McDonald, Olathe KTRM contributor; SBOE candidate in 2006; KFUPE volunteer at State Fair (2006)
$200 Janene McNeil, Manhattan Contributor to ProKanDo, and Emily's List; Contributor to Kansans for Justice and Equality Project
$100 Shirley Meneilly, Prairie Village Contributor to Dennis Moore; Republican for Moore (2000, 2002, 2004)
$100 Marjorie Newmark, Lawrence Contributor to ProKanDo and Sebelius
$100 Vickie Nitsch, Dodge City KNEA staff; contributor to KNEA
$500 James Quigley, Lenexa Republican for Moore; $1800 contributor to Democrat Howard Dean for President; husband of "Republican" State Rep Jill Quigley, who is also a Republican for Moore
$200 Robert "Bob" Regnier, Leawood
("Uncle Bob" on his radio commercials)
Contributor to Sebelius, Morrison, KTRM, and "Think Big" to send Kansas tax dollars to Missouri; Recently elected Chair of Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce
$100 Marcia Rinehart, Leawood MAINstream Coalition Board; Contributor to Morrison for AG, KTRM; Contributor to YesYesYes (2000) campaign in JoCo to hide party affiliation in county races; Former Leawood mayor, and recently appointed to 10th Judicial Nominating Commission; Republican for Moore (2004)
$100 Joseph & John Robb
110 E Broadway
Newton  67114
John is an attorney for "Schools for Fair Funding" and made a huge amount suing Kansas for more money for public schools and serving as a lobbyist for schools.

Both Joseph and John are also contributors to Kansas Traditional Republican Majority (KTRM) and Democrat Paul Morrison.

$100 Gene Schille, Mission Hills MAINpac and MAINstream Coalition contributor
$100 Ann and Stephen Starch, Wichita Contributors to ProKanDo
$150 Cheri Stubblefield, Overland Park Contributor to MAINpac, Democrat Gene Rardin for State Rep
$100 Cynthia Wendt, Leawood Contributor to Sebelius, Morrison,  MAINstream, KFUPE, Greater KC Women's Political Caucus
$300 Barbara Wigger, Prairie Village Contibutor to MAINstream; Republican for Moore (2000, 2002)


6.  Church affiliations of KAE Board Members

The church affiliations given above are ONLY mentioned since they were listed on the KAE web pages for certain members.   Can we assume that by mentioning only these church groups that KAE is saying that only certain Lutherans (Tim Cruz, Charles Frickey), Presbyterians (Sue Ice, Rev Bob Meneilly), and Methodists (Philip Shull, Dr. Robert Harder) are "OK" Christians and others are not (like the conservative State Board of Education Board members)? Are all Kansans Lutherans, Presbyterians or Methodists?    Why is KAE opposing certain "Christians" and supporting only certain other "Christians"?  How is KAE promoting the First Amendment's guarantee of "Freedom of Religion" when it's picking  sides based on religion?  Isn't KAE pushing religion in the same way they claim the 2006  board was doing?  Isn't KAE being exclusionary of the religion of the majority of Kansans?  Why is KAE excluding most prolife Christians? 

Why did KAE even mention church affiliations of their members if they claimed religious affiliation was a problem in 2006 of the SBOE members?  KAE is comfortable imposing their political solution based on the religious beliefs of only some Kansans they represent, but how does that "solve" the problem?   Why is a "moderate" solution one that is not respectful of everyone's view?  Until we find an approach where groups mutually respect each other's views we seem to be in an endless cycle in the "solution" to this problem. 

For now, we seem to have the best solution that KAE and NEA/KNEA can buy.  Unfortunately, a scientifically sound solution to a political problem may only be a temporary solution.  Science may not change (much or that quickly), but politics certainly will over time.  


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