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Dec 8, 2005
(Updated June 30, 2006)

Political Profile of Members of "Kansas Traditional Republican Majority"
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Several Kansas news sources  reported recently about a new moderate-to-liberal Republican group in Kansas called the "Kansas Traditional Republican Majority" (KTRM)  Read some of these stories online:

According to their web site, the new Kansas Traditional Republican Majority is a chapter of the Republican Main Street Partnership ( or  Kansas became the 13th state to have a KTRM chapter

From the Kansas Public Radio web page:  Executive Director, Ryan Wright, "says the moderate group will adhere to the ideas of Republicans like Dwight Eisenhower, Nancy Kassebaum-Baker and former Governor Bill Graves. He also said it will actively work next year to unseat some conservatives on the State Board of Education, but it will not challenge incumbent Republicans in the Kansas House."

KTRM has this booklet online as a PDF file, which describes their beliefs including:

  • Fiscal responsibility ["reject deficit spending ... balance the budget".  Can this be true? A "moderate" or a "Democrat" would spend less than a fiscal conservative?]
  • Economic development and employment security
  • Education [want "properly funded, well-maintained school system", i.e., take tax dollars from mom and dad to give to high-paid school administrators with few checks and balances?  Without promoting responsible spending, how is this belief different from the Democratic Party?]
  • Agri-business and rural communities
  • Personal freedom and limited government [KTRM seems to support "personal freedom" to let Dr. Tiller in Wichita abort a full-term baby the day before it could be born?
    "reject the politics of hate and intolerance":  code words for a  pro-LGBT agenda?  How is this belief different from the Democratic Party?]
  • Sanctity of life [pure demagoguery by KTRM:  "expand our national stem cell policy in an ethical and moral manner that unleashes the potential of embryonic stem cell research." KTRM supports harvesting of human embryos as sources of stem cells and they call this "sanctity of life"?  How is this belief different from the Democratic Party?  

This document cleverly use pictures of well-known Kansas political leaders (including Dwight Eisenhower and Bob Dole) and then says at the bottom of the last page "use of images and quotations does not necessarily reflect endorsement."

What political information is known about KTRM members?

Political Profile of
Kansas Traditional Republican Majority

KTRM Chair

Andy Wollen

"I've talked for two years about the need to return civility and mutual respect to Republican-on-Republican debate. ... "It took us 10 years to get this broken," I tell them, "and it may take us 10 years to fix it." I hope not, but I'm prepared to work and to wait.

  • Refused to speak out or apologize at the Nov 14, 2002 JoCo Republican party meeting when elected officials were introduced but newly elected Republican Attorney General  Phill Kline was snubbed by not being introduced.

  • JoCo Sun, Nov 28, 2002, GOP chair to work for peace

Wollen says any divisiveness within the county Republican Party extends beyond conservatives and moderates disagreeing about abortion.

"We talk way more about abortion than we need to," he said. "The Republican Party is about so much more than this issue. The challenge, of course, is that this issue is why many people got involved in politics."

The solution, he said, is "to unite the party by agreeing that nobody likes abortions. And the way we unite is to find ways to reduce the demand for, and the incidence of, abortions. What I would love to see our party say is 'abortion is an important issue among many other important issues.'"

  • Answered E-mails for Adam Taff campaign (2002)

  • According to Open Secrets Wollen contributed $250 to Adam Taff for Congress in 2003 and $500 to Taff in 2004. 

  • From KS Gov't Ethics web page:  Wollen gave $250 to Lynn Jenkins in 2003, $50 to Dave Kerr in 2002, $50 to Rich Becker in 2000, and a total of $175 to Dave Huff in 2002 and 2003.  $50 to Ron Worley on 12/18/2005 to succeed David Huff in State Rep District 30 in 2006

KTRM Board of Directors

Former Elected Officials

Dick Bond
Overland Park
Mark Buhler
  • Former State Senator 2002-2004 (replaced Sandy Praeger in 2003 but lost to Democrat Marci Francisco in Nov 2004)
  • "Buhler has not been shy in his willingness to raise taxes for schools," Lawrence Journal-World, 10/26/2004
  • "[Republican] Buhler and [Democrat] Francisco oppose the same-sex marriage amendment," Lawrence Journal-World, 10/26/2004
  • One of 13 KS senators approving tax-funded obscenity at KU by voting against Wagle's amendment (2003)
  • steering committee in DG County for David Adkins for AG (2002)
  • Kansas Taxpayer Network gives Buhler 5.9% rating because he "generally supported revenue [tax] hikes", Lawrence Journal-World, 10/7/2003
  • From KS Gov't Ethics web page: David Adkins ($200), Bill Graves ($325), Lynn Jenkins ($250), Dave Kerr ($350), Bob Knight ($100), Sandy Praeger ($100), Tim Shallenburger ($500), Ron Thornburgh ($50), Wint Winter, Jr ($100).
  • As State Senator Received contributions from:  Dick Bond ($50), Wint Winter Jr ($650)
Tim Emert

"Ex-senators want Sebelius" in KC Star (11/2/2002) and
 JoCo Sun (10/30/2002)

Topeka Capital-Journal (11/1/2002)
Can't stick with GOP here

We have been lifetime supporters of Republican candidates for governor in Kansas, but not this year.

During our service as state senators, we had the occasion to work daily with Kathleen Sebelius and Tim Shallenburger. We found that Tim Shallenburger was extremely difficult to work with, and Kathleen Sebelius was hard-working and an honest student of government.

Both of our personal passions in state government have been the betterment of education in our state in both K-12 and post-secondary education. We have no trust that Tim Shallenburger will be good for education. Our experiences with Tim was that his commitments made were frequently not commitments kept.

Although we didn't always agree with Kathleen's position on every issue, we know by experience that she has a good heart and that issues of education, children and families will be the highest priority in her administration.

We are somewhat uncomfortable in refusing to support the Republican candidate for governor, but we believe the stakes are too high, especially for our children, to let blind party loyalty deter us from supporting the best clear choice for Kansas -- Kathleen Sebelius.

--TIM EMERT, Independence, Senate majority leader 1997-2001; and AUDREY LANGWORTHY, Prairie Village, Tax Committee chairwoman, 1993-2001

  • Democrat Sebelius appointed Emert to BEST (Budget Efficiency Savings Team) [2002]
  • Member of Kansas Children's Cabinet (no one is against children, but how does taking additional tax dollars from mom and dad help children?) 

Advocates seek more money for early childhood education

By John Milburn, Associated Press Writer, Dodge City Globe,  August 1, 2003

TOPEKA -- A group of children's advocates is planning a $500,000 statewide campaign designed to increase funding for early childhood programs.

Members of the Kansas Children's Campaign and the Kansas Children's Cabinet said Thursday they want to raise funding for local child care and education programs to $10 million, up from the $3.2 million in the current budget.  ...

"It's time to put up or shut up," said Tim Emert, an Independence Republican and former state Senate majority leader.

Grants from the Kansas City-based Kauffman Foundation and the Kansas Health Foundation will finance the effort.  [Meadowlark note:  private grants are being used to lobby for higher taxes?  As a former employee of Mr. Kauffman, he must be rolling over in his grave over how is foundation money is being wasted now.]

Emert said it was time to find out "who's for kids and who's just kidding," adding that the campaign could use voting records, voter guides and polling to build legislative support. ...

The campaign will try to convince legislators to redirect tobacco money toward children's programs. The Kansas Children's Cabinet oversees the administration of the tobacco money and examines programs.  [Meadowlark note:  I thought the tobacco money was to pay for health care of smokers? How is this responsible government?]

Also leading the charge is Dick Bond, former Senate President and current vice chairman of the State Board of Regents. Bond is co-chairman of the Kansas Children's Campaign and said businesses statewide would be contacted for participating in Smart Start efforts, including forging public-private partnerships for local programs.  

  • From KS Gov't Ethics web pageChris Biggs ($100), Bill Graves ($100), Bob Knight ($50), Lana Oleen ($50), Sanda Praeger ($50), Kathleen Sebelius ($250), Derek Schmidt ($100), Val Defever ($100).
Audrey Langworthy
Prairie Village

Officials stump for Bistate, JoCo Sun, 10/21/2004
A group of Johnson County Chamber executives, civic leaders, and members of the Johnson County Think Big! Steering Committee joined forces to voice support for the Bistate II tax initiative

The tax initiative, which will appear on ballots as County Question 1 in five metro counties, proposes a quarter-cent sales tax increase that would raise $1.2 billion. The money raised would be divided between improvements to Kansas City's Truman Sports Complex, and metropolitan arts programs in Kansas and Missouri, including $50 million for construction of a performing arts center in downtown Kansas City as well as a metropolitan cultural fund to provide competitive grants. ...

Langworthy focused on the necessity of the tax initiative for educational purposes.

"The arts portion of Think Big! is designed to increase educational and cultural opportunities for our children, bring the arts closer to home and increase the level of excellence," Langworthy said.

  • Upset with liberal Mainstream Coalition when they supported Adam Taff for Congress in Aug 2002 primary but withheld endorsement for Taff against Dennis Moore in Nov 2002 (JoCo Sun, 9/4/2003)
  • Contributed $250 to Nancy Boyda, Democrat for Congress in 2004, and several contributions to Adam Taff in 2002 and 2003.  Langworthy's husband, also a "Republican", gave $500 to Democrat Dennis Moore in 2004 and $200 in 200, and $250 in 1998..  Langworthy gave $1000 to George Bush in 2003.  In 1996 Langworthy gave to Sheila Frahm, and in1996 to Ed Eilert.
  • From KS Gov't Ethics web page:  Audrey and/or husband A C:  David Adkins ($1850), Chris Biggs ($500), Bill Graves ($550), Lynn Jenkins ($850), Dave Kerr ($2250), Sandy Praeger ($1160), Tim Shallenburger ($100), Carla Stovall ($100), Ron Thornburgh ($50), Wes Winter, Jr. ($100), Barbara Allen ($450), Lisa Benlon ($250), Bob Boyer ($150), John Vratil ($300), David Wysong ($600), Marge Vogt ($100), Democrat Cindy Neighbor ($50), Kirk Perucca ($100), Kevin Yoder ($100), Dean Newton ($100), Ed O'Mally ($200), Terrie Huntington ($800), Pat Colloton ($50), Republican for Moore Sue Gamble ($250), Forrest Weddle ($100), Dwayne Umbarger ($100), Christine Downey ($250)
  • Gave $1000 to Steve Cloud's Johnson County Republicans for Education (2004)
Rob Boyer
  • Former State Rep 2003-2004
  • Lost to Kay O'Connor in bid for Kansas Senate
  • president and founder of Boyer-Kansas Inc., who owns and operates Shred-it, a paper shredding and recycling business.  [Shred-It employs of State Rep Ed O'Malley, who is the Shred-It contact for a State of Kansas contract for disposal of state documents in 35 Kansas counties.]
  • Contributor to liberal groups:
     - KS NEA PAC, $250
    - Mainstream PAC, $100
    - Cedar Creek Neighborhood PAC, $500 (led by Democrat Micheline Burger)
    - Kansas Families United For Public Education, $100 (2004)
  • Endorsed by Mainstream Coalition in 2002 but not 2004 (a reliable source says Boyer was endorsed but refused it)
  • Maverick "little rascal" freshman legislator in 2003 that voted for tax increases to better fund public schools (Lawrence Journal-World, 8/24/2003).
  • One of 16 freshmen legislators proposing a $266 million tax increase (Topeka Capital-Journal, 4/29/2003)
  • Voted against abortion clinic licensing bill (KC Star, 3/14/2003).  [We need more regulations on restaurants than abortion clinics?]
  • Steve Cloud's Johnson County Republicans for Education gave Boyer $500 for his campaign in 2002 (the check was returned 10/22/2002 and reissued because of a technical  violation enforced by the Kansas Governmental Ethics Office)
  • From KS Gov't Ethics web page:  Contributed to David Adkins ($817), Lynn Jenkins ($1100), Sandy Praeger ($100), Barbara Allen ($250), David Huff ($100), Democrat Cindy Neighbor ($100), Dean Newton ($100), Stephanie Sharp ($100).
  • As legislative candidate Boyer received contributions from:  Jim Yonally's Jayhawk Consulting ($900), State Rep David Huff ($100, Steve Cloud's Johnson County Republicans for Education ($1000), Kansas National Education Association PAC ($750), Mainstream PAC ($100), Manning Prosser Construction ($200), State Rep Dean Newton ($100),  Adam Taff's Treasurer and JoCo Banker Jon Stewart ($350),  Olathe Superintendent Ron Wimmer ($100), Democrat activist Micheline Burger's Cedar Creek Neighborhood PAC ($1000), Steve Cloud ($1000), Audrey Langworthy ($150), LGBT activist Bruce Ney ($50), Mainstream Coalition activist Dave Raffel ($1000), Mainstream Coalition/Republican for Moore/KFUPE activist John Van Keppel ($50).
Jim Lowther
Lloyd Stone
  • Former State Rep 1997-2003
  • From KS Gov't Ethics web page:  David Adkins ($150), Bill Graves ($300), Lynn Jenkins ($50), Bob Knight ($150), James Barnett ($350), Don Hill ($350)
  • As legislative candidate Stone received contributions from:  Kansas National Education Association PAC ($150), Kansas Trial Lawyers ($400)
Jan Meyers
Overland Park
Gary Sherrer

Former GOP Officials and Activists

Bill Franklin
Prairie Village

"Bob Meneilly, from the pulpit, took a very strong position against some of the organizations that were espousing basically a religious theocracy for government," Franklin said, "That was a really sound, strong basis for starting the MAINstream Coalition.

"But I think sometimes now it tends to devolve into taking opposite stances from whatever positions the right-wing of the Republican Party takes, and that's where you can drift away from your core principles."

An example of that, Franklin said, was the coalition's recent stance against allowing the carrying of concealed weapons.

"It's hard to relate any position on guns to separation of church and state," he added.

Audrey Langworthy, a former state senator from Prairie Village, said that she, too, was disappointed with the organization for withdrawing support for Taff at such a crucial juncture. And, like Franklin, she added, "I guess you could say I think they've strayed from their core mission of separation of church and state and support for public education."

Floris Jean Hampton
Dodge City
Dennis Jones

GOP Chairman Dennis Jones, a moderate, decided to allow unaffiliated voters to participate in the Republican primary. Conservatives fought the decision and a judge ruled that Jones had overstepped his authority. Many conservatives and moderates agreed that allowing unaffiliated voters to participate in the primary would have skewed the electorate - and the results - to the left.

"That bill, for about $40,000, didn’t show up on any campaign finance reports that the party is required by law to file with the Secretary of State’s office ... The legal bill was run up when Republican State Chairman Dennis Jones of Lakin took up Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh on his offer to both Republican and Democratic state party chairmen to allow registered-but-unaffiliated-with-any-political-party voters to cast ballots in each party’s primary election.  ...   The GOP is literally broke"

  • Lakin has contributed $500 to Senator Pat Roberts, and $2000 to the Kansas Republican State Committee in recent years.  In 1996 Jones gave to Jerry Moran, Shelia Frahm, and Pat Roberts.
  • From KS Gov't Ethics web page:  David Adkins ($100), Dave Kerr ($200), Bob Knight ($50), Shallenburger ($750), Derek Schmidt ($100), Donald Betts Jr ($100), Kent Glasscock ($350), Carla Stovall ($250), Trent Ledoux ($500), Lynn Jenkins ($100)
Steve Klika
Overland Park
Bruce Ney
  • President of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)  group, Kansans for Fairness
  • David Adkins supporter:

Gays to rally around senator
GOP legislator commended for taking stand against marriage amendment
By Dave Ranney, Journal-World
Wednesday, March 31, 2004

After last week's debate over gay marriage, Bruce Ney is worried about state Sen. David Adkins' future in Kansas politics.

"He's a marked man," said Ney, who's leading efforts to organize Lawrence's gay and lesbian communities.

  • From KS Gov't Ethics web page: Bill Graves ($150), Sandy Praeger ($60), Carla Stovall ($850), Ron Thornburgh ($50), Democrat Marti Crow ($100), Rob Boyer ($50), Mark Buhler ($100), John Vratil ($75)
Rita Noll
Council Grove
Jan Pratt 
  • "I traveled the state for the last year with Lynn" Jenkins, Kansas Treasurer,
    Letter to Capital-Journal, Nov. 27, 2002
  • President of the Shawnee County Republican Women group
  • From KS Gov't Ethics web page:  Jan, or husband James, gave to Lynn Jenkins ($1400), Lana Gordon ($500)
Jack Ranson

Lawrence Journal-World, 8/22/2004
A new group called Kansans for a Moderate Government spent what appears to be -- based on campaign mailings in several legislative races -- thousands of dollars in the primary campaign. But its July 26 campaign finance report showed it had only one $250 donation from Jack Ranson, a high-profile moderate Republican from Wichita, whose wife, Pat, is vice chairwoman of the state party and a former state senator.

Jack Ranson said he didn't know much about Kansans for a Moderate Government, but that he was asked to contribute by a friend whom he declined to identify. He said he understood the group was "anti-religious right."

The group's chairwoman, Lacey Garlow, referred questions about Kansans for a Moderate Government to the group's treasurer, Jennifer Wright, who couldn't be reached for comment.

  • In recent years Ranson and his wife gave $2500 to the Kansas Republican State Committee,  $500 to Adam Taff, $250 to Pat Roberts, and $250 to Elizabeth Dole. In 1997 Ranson gave Greg Musil $1000 and in 1997 he gave Sam Brownback $250, and in 1994 he gave Brownback $750.
  • Wife, Pat Ranson, opposed Kansas Marriage Amendment in 2005 and gave $500 to LGBT opposition group, Kansans for Fairness  (headed by Bruce Ney). 
  • From KS Gov't Ethics web page:  David Adkins ($750), Bill Graves ($4500), Lynn Jenkins ($1750), Dave Kerry ($2100), Bob Knight ($1000), Lana Oleen ($750), Sandy Praeger ($1950), Tim Shallenburger ($700), Carla Stovall ($3400), Ron Thornburgh ($900), Trent Ledoux ($350), Jean Schodorf ($500), William Kassebaum ($200), Carl Koster, Jr ($200), Brenda Landwehr ($575), Ward Loyd ($100), Melvin Newfeld ($100), Tony Powell ($200), Kenny Wilk ($100).
Pat Smith
Overland Park
Barbara Wells
Ron Wimmer
  • Former Superintendent of Olathe Unified School District (1991-2004),  
    salary was  $227,790 (2004)
  • Part of Democrat JoCo Country Commissioner Ed Peterson's BiState II Task Force to send Kansas tax dollars to Missouri
  • Board of Directors, Arts Council of KC (2003)
  • Contributor to Rob Boyer
  • From KS Gov't Ethics web page:  Bill Graves ($50), Bob Boyer ($100), Steve Houghland ($100), Democrat Kent Hurn ($100), former Mainstream PAC director and Republican for Moore Steven Baru ($100), Bob Boyer ($100), Tom Marsh ($100), Marge Vogt ($100)

Others involved with KTRM

Ryan Wright
Deena Horst, Salina State Rep from Salina on her web site by husband Gordon Horst:  Help is needed in forming the "KTRM" (Kansans Traditional Republican Majority)

"Stealth" Leader of KTRM?

Steve Cloud Do all the KTRM people listed above have some connection to Steve Cloud?  Is Steve Cloud the "real" force (along with Dick Bond) behind KTRM?

Cloud fought Bush and the Republican majority on the Party Platform
Bush's platform to gloss over internal dissent 
(from LA Times as reported by Singapore Times on 8/28/2004)

NEW YORK- US President George W. Bush has got his wish from Republican platform writers: a tightly controlled, highly conservative statement of party principles that lauds his administration and glosses over internal dissent.  ...

Critics charged that the platform - entitled 'A Safer and More Hopeful America' - was loaded with hard-line policy positions that belie the lineup of prime-time convention speakers, featuring such party moderates as former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Both favour abortion rights and gay rights.

'The bottom line is, the platform still says we're not welcome,' said Ms Ann Stone, leader of an abortion rights group, Republicans for Choice. 

Earlier this month, the group joined with a gay GOP organisation, the Log Cabin Republicans, to propose a 'unity' plank that would specifically acknowledge party splits over abortion and gay and lesbian issues. 

But they failed to persuade anyone on the platform committee even to introduce the proposal for debate. 

Instead, an anti-abortion delegate, Mr James Bopp of Indiana, teamed up with an abortion rights advocate, Mr Stephen Cloud of Kansas, to pass a more generic plank saying that the party would 'respect and accept' - rather than merely 'recognise' - people with differing views.

  • Chairman, Johnson County Republicans for Education  (Statement of Organization)
  • Cloud's Johnson County Republicans for Education received $20,000 from the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in 2002 and another $20,000 in 2004 (only reported by Lawrence Journal-World), which Cloud used to endorse not only moderate State Rep candidates but also moderate precinct candidates in an attempt to control the Johnson County Republican Party.  (See "Missouri Interference in Kansas Elections AGAIN! in 2004 and Missouri Money Flowing into Kansas Elections in 2002").  With all the complicated transfers in 2002, it seems that the Greater Kansas City Chamber is attempting to buy Cloud's influence in Kansas and Johnson County in return for support of the Bistate Tax and Kansas tax dollars being sent to Missouri.  This scheme allows candidates to receive twice the maximum amount, and is a bit suspicious.  However, it's not clear if this is money from Missouri, or Kansas money being laundered through Missouri.

    The $20,000 the Greater Kansas City Chamber sent to Cloud's JCRE, was a major portion of the $36,000 total they spent in Kansas in 2004, which placed this Missouri interest as #17 on the list of Top 20 PACs Based on $ in 2004.  Is the Greater Kansas City Chamber more interested in helping Missouri, or Kansas?
  • Contributed $3000 to Johnson County Republicans for Education
  • Chairman, GOP Club of JoCoName appeared on letterhead in June 2004.  Name appeared on letterhead in Feb 2002
  • Former Kansas State Rep, 1981 - 1986
  • From KS Gov't Ethics web page: Steve and/or Barbara gave to: David Adkins ($979), Bill Graves ($5275), Lynn Jenkins ($3982), Dave Kerr ($1000), Fred Kerr ($353), Phill Kline ($500), Sandy Praeger ($405), Tim Shallenburger ($1000), Carla Stoval ($100), David Adkins ($299), Barbara Allen ($700), Rich Becker ($300), Lisa Benlon ($2000), Dick Bond ($100), Bob Boyer ($1100), Audrey Langworthy ($100), John Vratil ($700), David Wysong ($100), David Adkins ($200), Carol Benoit ($200), Diane Bryant ($75), Cliff Franklin ($150), Shannon Giles ($1000), Donna Harsh ($100), Roger Hopkins ($500), David Huff ($600), Lynn Jenkins ($200), Steven Klika ($100), Phill Kline ($100), Ward Loyd ($500), Doug Lytle ($350), Tom Marsh ($500), Democrat Cindy Neighbor ($100), Dean Newton ($350), Ed O'Malley, Jr ($150), Stephanie Sharp ($500), Marge Vogt ($500), Kevin Yoder ($1200), Republican for Moore Sue Gamble ($200).    $250 to Ron Worley on 12/18/2005 to succeed David Huff in State Rep District 30 in 2006
  • Opposed Kansas Marriage Amendment in 2005 and gave $500 to LGBT opposition group, Kansans for Fairness  (headed by Bruce Ney).  Wife (Barbara) gave $500, and mom (Bonnie) gave $1000 to oppose the marriage amendment.

Other members of Steve Cloud's GOP Club involved with KTRM:  Andy Woolen, Dick Bond, Audrey Langworthy, Jan Meyers, Bill Franklin, Pat Smith.  Coincidence?  Did Cloud combine his Johnson County Republicans for Education with his GOP Club of JoCo to form a statewide group,  KTRM?

“Moderates” like Cloud complain about conservatives being exclusionary. Yet, in early April 2002, while trying to recruit a replacement precinct committee person, Cloud demanded a “pledge of support” to his GOP Club endorsed candidates as a requirement to be selected. Cloud claimed this requirement to become a Republican Committee member in Johnson County was not discriminatory. Both sides continue excluding the other to the delight of Democrats, such as mentioned in the article, “Republicans Fight Each Other (Again)” on the KU Young Democrats blog. Kansas Republicans need a “Rodney King” moment: “Can’t we all just get along?”

"Moderate" State Party Chair, Mark Parkinson, fired the state party webmaster when moderates took the party over from the conservatives in 1999.  A meeting had been setup to talk about the transition, but Parkinson cancelled the meeting and demanded all files on the web site be deleted, instead of planning any kind of rational transition.  Was this any way for a State Party chair to treat a volunteer?  Aren't some "moderates" as, or more, exclusionary as some "conservatives"?

This group incorporated as a Kansas Non Profit Corporation on March 18, 2005 according to the Kansas Secretary of State:


TOPEKA,  KS 66603

It's unclear why this address doesn't match the one given on their web site:

Kansas Traditional Republican Majority 
P.O. Box 7463 
Overland Park, Kansas 66207

This PO Box seems to be shared with:

Kansas City Small Business Monthly 
PO Box 7463
Overland Park, KS 66207 

The Kansas Governmental Ethics web page shows this group also has a Political Action Committee (PAC) in Kansas.  Since the Jan 10, 2005 Johnson County Republicans for Education PAC showed a balance of $0, is it possible county-wide JCRE is morphing into a statewide KTRM?

While former State Senators Langworthy and Emert both supported Democrat Kathleen Sebelius for Governor, they did NOT contribute to the Republicans for Sebelius PAC.  Oddly, that PAC spent $1050 at the same Wooten Printing Co. in Wichita used by the Tiller ProKanDo PAC.

An IRS 8871 Form cannot be found on the IRS site for KTRM.

Michelle Malkin's recent article exposed some of the funding sources for the "Main Street" Republicans, including a $50,000 contribution from ultraliberal George Soros.  

The National Review suggested a Soros connection to Senator's Specter's campaign in Pennsylvania lst year via  the Republican Main Street Individual Fund -- a 527 group.  National Review said "The Main Street's arch-nemesis [is] the Club for Growth."  With the Club for Growth becoming a larger player in Kansas politics, the creation of the new KTRM group should not be that surprising.

Is the KTRM and their Main Street Republicans out of touch with most Kansans when NONE of the Kansas Republicans in Congress are members of the Republican Main Street Partners, Congressional Members?

FEC documents show the Republican Mainstreet Parternship PAC contributed $12,500 to the failed Adam Taff for Congress campaigns over the years 2002, 2003, and 2004.  In fact, Taff received over 10% of all Republican Main Street Partnership PAC contributions to Federal Candidates in the 2004 cycle.

Is "Kansas Traditional Republican Majority" just another name for a "Country Club Republican of Kansas"?  Would a better name be an "Enron Republican" or a "David Wittig Republican" since the new group is pro business (but for higher taxes?) but against social concerns?

(reproduced here with permission)

Fiscal Vote Ratings for Former Legislators on KTRM Board
by Karl Peterjohn
Dec 13, 2005
Kansas Taxpayers Network (KTN)

In last  week's AP article about a new GOP faction trying to "take back" the KS GOP, I noticed that a number of prominent former legislators are part of the self-described "Kansas Traditional Republican Majority."

Four former legislators were mentioned in this groups release along with other tax 'n spend liberals like Gary Sherrer who held public office during the Graves administration. Here is some fiscal information about the four former legislators calculated for this post. 

The KTN vote lifetime ratings are from 1996 until the present, or whenever the last year that these Kansans served in the Kansas legislature. Several of these folks were in the legislature prior to KTN's "lifetime" vote ratings being calculated so I dug out past vote ratings and compiled these figures for this post.  Here's the legislators vote ratings:

KTN Vote Rating 
Dick Bond 36.6% (5 years from 1996-2000) 
Mark Buhler 3.9% (last term ended in 2004 after being appointed in 2002) 
Audrey Langworthy  34.6% (1996-2000) 
Tim Emert  34.6% (1996-2000)

Here's two benchmarks to measure them against. If you compare liberal Democrat Minority leader Tony Hensley's vote rating as well as moderate conservative Nick Jordan durng the 1996-2000 time period you will see these scores:

  • Tony Hensley  29.6% 
  • Nick Jordan    71.2%

On fiscal issues, who is more like Sen. Jordan and who is more like Sen. Hensley? Gee....that's not a tough one.

Buhler's lifetime fiscal rating was the lowest in the entire Kansas senate in 2004. He had a worse fiscal scorecard in his two years in the senate than any and every Kansas Democrat serving with him!  He regularly backed Governor Sebelius on every major fiscal and social issue that I can recall being voted upon during that two year period.

These four ex-legislators are some of the biggest tax and spenders in the recent history of the Kansas legislature. Several that I know of have been involved in backing Democrats like Sebelius over non-liberal Republicans, like Tim Shallenburger in 2002. In addition, Bond's controversial role in expediting the eminent domain land confiscations for the Wyandotte County racetrack is a Kansas version of the controversial Kelo land confiscation in Connecticut. Bond's bank ownership and these ties to the racetrack project according to news reports that I remember reading back during this time period generated some news coverage in the KC area press.

The Johnson County Republican Party is concerned that KTRM is a Trojan Horse.


K a n s a s M e a d o w l a r k @ g m a i l . c o m